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Middle School Dress Code
Student School Hours:
8:50 a.m.-3:05 p.m.
Office Hours:
8:15 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 
5th Grade - 8th Grade

    *NEW* Uniform Policies
    5th-6th Grade Boys- Must wear a Navy ACA Insignia Vest Daily 
    5th -6th Grade Girls- Must wear a True Red ACA Insignia Vest DAILY
    7th-8th Grade Boys/Girls ONLY -Navy ACA Insignia Blazer(One pocket, conservative cut, NO added embroidery)- To be worn DAILY 
    5th-8th Grade Boys/Girls- Mandatory Gym Uniform (ordered from ACA) and Athletic Tennis Shoes (Lack of compliance will lead to a failing grade)


    School approved Plaid skirt (regular, split pleat or skort)- Skirts must be knee length
    Pastel blue or white blouse, Peter Pan or pointed collar, long or short sleeves (NO YELLOW)

    Navy blue or red socks/ tights (if socks are worn with tights, they must be the same color). Socks must come above the ankle!
                *5th & 6th red insignia sweater vest/ 7th & 8th navy insignia blazer - Required Daily*

    School approved navy or khaki pants may be worn November through March EXCEPT on Wednesdays (Chapel) and special program days. Girls must be in            skirts for these occasions.

    Solid navy blue, black, or brown Mary Jane style school shoe (single or double strap across the shoe only)- No ankle straps or slip on shoes  

    No excessive hair accessories, no more than two inches of hair bows, only natural hair colors
    1 pair of earrings (no larger than a quarter), 1 small bracelet, and 1 ring can be worn at any given time.


    Khaki or navy pants with a belt. School shorts may be worn in August, September, May and June EXCEPT on Wednesdays (Chapel) and special program days.
    Pastel blue or white pointed collar dress shirts ONLY. Undershirts should not show at all. Solid black, navy or white undershirts only

    Solid navy or black tie to be worn daily
    Black, blue or brown socks. Black, blue or brown school shoe. May be short dress boot style.
                    *Navy blue Insignia sweater vest required daily for 5th & 6th. Navy ACA Insignia Blazers required daily for 7th and 8th graders*

    Hairstyles must be cropped to no more than one inch from the head. Multiple parts, designs, lettering, Mohawk cuts, braids, twists, locks are not permissible, and NO     pierced ears.

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