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Dress Code
Student School Hours:
8:50 a.m.-3:05 p.m.
Office Hours:
8:15 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 
All students are required to wear a designated school uniform. Arlington Christian Academy desires to create an educational environment that maximizes the learning atmosphere. Modesty, moderation, neatness, cleanliness and gender distinction are the prevailing values of the ACA uniform policy. Students are required to abide by the designated school uniform at all times. Enforcement of the uniform policy, like all other discipline matters, is based on cooperation among students, parents and the school. The school, however, is the final authority on the uniform policy. If, in the opinion of the school, a student’s dress is inappropriate, a parent may be called and required to bring an acceptable uniform/ change of clothes to school. The uniform policy will be strictly enforced, therefore, please read this code very carefully.  

General Uniform Policies

It is a violation of the uniform policy to show underwear, midriff, lower back or cleavage at any time (including when leaning over or raising the arms). All skirts and shorts must be below the knees. Clothing that is tight, baggy, dirty or sloppy is not permitted. Items that are torn or cut in anyway are prohibited. Appropriateness of overall appearance will be left to the discretion of the administration.

All jewelry should be average in size, modest in appearance, and not a distraction to the learning environment. No more than one bracelet may be worn at a time. Girls may only wear one ring. Boys may not wear finger or ear rings. Necklaces or chains of any type may not be worn over the uniform at any time.  

The school always reserves the right of interpretation for Dress Code. 

Relaxed Uniform - Students must wear a school t-shirt , along with tennis shoes, and the appropriate bottoms (See handbook for grade level specific apparel).

*NEW* Uniform Policies
K-4th Grade Boys/ Girls- Must wear a Navy ACA Insignia Cardigan Sweater Daily
5th-6th Grade Boys- Must wear a Navy ACA Insignia Vest Daily 
5th -6th Grade Girls- Must wear a True Red ACA Insignia Vest DAILY
7th-8th Grade Boys/Girls ONLY -Navy ACA Insignia Blazer(One pocket, conservative cut, NO added embroidery)- To be worn DAILY 
5th-8th Grade Boys/Girls- Mandatory Gym Uniform (ordered from ACA) and Athletic Tennis Shoes (Lack of compliance will lead to a failing grade)

School uniforms can be found at the following places:
**ACA Insignia items only sold at Sidney Ryan**

Sidney Ryan
396 E. Waterloo Road

Kid's Kloset Uniforms  
907 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
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